Week-by-Week Journal
Name: Clemens

Each week, place your journal entry for under the heading, and below your last entry.
Write carefully, use the spellchecker, proof read, click "Save" when you are finished.

Week 1

I did knot now that you can not have a responsibility with out a right.

I did not know that some people have the right to go to school. I did not know that some children had to drink really dirty water with stones in it. I'm wondering how many people have to drink dirty water.

Week 2

I learned new ways about how to use multiplication and division. I did not really learn any thing about rights and responsibility.

Week 3

I think that we could collect change for Helvetas. UNICEF.

I lured how to do a water poster.

Week 4

I learned little bit more of division.
I learned how to persuade my parents

Week 5

Did you know that you can not have right without responsibility? I will show you e.g. my right is to go to school but my responsibility is to work at school. If we didn't have rights and responsibilities in school it would be a disaster. It would be a huge mess everywhere and stuff like that. The fish would die as they would not get food.

Week 6

Week 7

Week 8