1. Watch this video carefully. This project uses black paper strips and primary colours.

Paper Cutouts Color Wheel Project for Kids —powered by eHow.com

2. Now watch this video. It uses paper and paint to make a picture. You could make one using using primary or secondary colours, water colour or poster paint.

Painting in Squares Color Wheel Project for Kids —powered by eHow.com

3. Decide which picture you would like to create using art materials.
4. Find the materials you will need to make your own.
5. Design your paper layout first.
6. Think carefully about how you use the tools to create precise lines and blocks of colour.

Making Connections to Artists: Mondrian
  • Have a look at this page of art work by the Dutch artist Mondrian and the ideas people have developed after learning about his work.
  • Read about the artist and abstract art at this website.