Week-by-Week Journal

Name: David B

Each week, place your journal entry for under the heading, and below your last entry.

Write carefully, use the spellchecker, proof read, click "Save" when you are finished.

Week 1

I learned that children get locked up in cages with no food and water.I learned that the United Nation help children.I learned that there was an earthquake and tsunami in Japan.

Week 2

I learned that a colour wheel exists .I am going to run a lemonade store with Matthew and raise it for Japan and people that don`t have clean water,Please come!!!!

Week 3

I learned some other rights that people have. I learned the tertiary colours in art .I learned that they are three kinds of weathering from a Senior student's presentation

Week 4

Rights and Responsibilities are connected because you/we can not have rights without responsibilities.If you have a right you have a responsibility. If your family cares for you that's your right, but you have the right to be looked after. However you sometimes have the responsibility to look after them. It would not be fair for others if you have all the rights. Rights and responsibilities are connected to give and take. It's also like the 'Golden Rule'.
To day the 7.4.11 we had a book and toy sale.We got over 60fr! Now we`ve got a lot (!) of money to raise for Helvetas.

Week 5

Week 6

Week 7

Week 8