Week-by-Week Journal

Name: David Z

Each week, place your journal entry for under the heading, and below your last entry.

Write carefully, use the spellchecker, proof read, click "Save" when you are finished.

Week 1

I have learned that everyone needs rights but not everyone has rights.
I would like to now why not everyone has rights.
I have learned that you can not have rights without responsibilities e.g. I have the right to play but my responsibility is to not brake it.

Week 2

I have learned that everyone needs responsibilities even old people.
There are lots of ways of saying the word e.g. responsible,responded,responsive and much more.

Week 3

We could sell the things and give the money to people that don,t have water.
In art I have learned what the color wheel is primary colors and 2nd colors are.

Week 4

I have saw a UNICEF video that i didn,t get because it was strange. The video was about the right to have a home. A boy had a box as a home and then somebody kicked the box.
In art we have finished our color wheel.

Week 5

I think rights and responsibility should go together because when I have the right to play but no responsibility I will hurt some one.
Today we did a book and toy sale and I think we made more then 100 chf for HELVETAS.

Week 6

Week 7

Week 8