Week-by-Week Journal

Name: Henry

Each week, place your journal entry for under the heading, and below your last entry.

Write carefully, use the spellchecker, proof read, click "Save" when you are finished.

Week 1

I have learned that not everyone has a right and that not everyone goes to school. I am wondering about words that have to do with 'rights'.

Week 2

I have learned that some people are locked up because there is no one to look after them. I have learned that UN stands for the United Nations and there was a tsunami in Japan.

Week 3

I have learned that every one have a lot of responsibility.
In art I learned have about tertiary color.

Week 4

Rights and responsibilities are connected because you can not have a right. I have a right to eat but but my responsibilities need to eat healthy things. You need to have them connected, otherwise it would just be the right without responsibilities. This is also because if you had no right but you have responsibilities you would not have right to eat and drink so you would die.
to day 7.4.11 we had toy and book sale.
this week I thing we have about 70 fr. in the donate box.

Week 5

Week 6

Week 7

Week 8