Making your pictures talk

Follow these steps to create a PowerPoint slide to tell your story. Download the pictures you want to use first, and put them in a folder in your picture library.

Step 1 - Create the slide

  1. In your computer, open PowerPoint external image PowerPoint.png
  2. Click on the New Slide icon external image newslide.gifand choose "blank" from the Layout choices.

Step 2 - Add the picture

  • Click the Insert tab, and choose the icon. Pictures_-_Shortcut.JPG
  • Browse your computer files, until you find the picture you want to use.

  • Click on your choice, and then click "Insert" at the bottom of the window. That picture will be put on your slide.


Step 3 - Add the speech bubbles

  • At the top of the window, choose the Insert tab, and then, Shapes

  • When the panel opens, choose Call Outs, down at the bottom. Click on the shape you want.
  • Move your cursor over to the slide with your picture on it. Click where you want the speech bubble to be.


  • Double click inside the speech bubble to make the format tool bar appear

You can change the color of the fill, the style of text, etc.
  • Put your cursor inside the speech bubble, click, and start writing.
  • You can resize the speech bubble by pulling on its blue corners.
  • Grab the little yellow dot with your mouse to pull out and position the bubble tail.
  • You can turn the bubble on its side by putting your cursor on the green dot and turning.

  • When you are finished, click on the icon in the top left corner of the window msoffice.JPG and choose Save.