Week-by-Week Journal

Name: Nina

Each week, place your journal entry for under the heading, and below your last entry.

Write carefully, use the spellchecker, proof read, click "Save" when you are finished.

Week 1

I learned what rights means. Rights are what a person should have and what they should do. I also learned what responsibilities means. It means that you have a responsibility to e.g. to take your brother while your mum is cooking.

Week 2

I found out that lots of people don't have a life like me e..g the people in Japan. OK back to my journal me and my class watched a very interesting video of kids and it was from the United Nations.

Week 3

I learnt when you make a colour wheel you wont get the colours that you wont to have like red and yellow =orange a very lite orang. and I also learnt how to make a website and it is a real website .

Week 4

I learned how to make a persuasive piece. It was really fun. We also spent the whole morning recording rights and responsibilities from kids.

Week 5

I think rights and responsibilities can't be separated .
e.g. I need to make my bed every day but my responsibility is to not leave it messy so nobody makes my bed for me.
If I do leave it there and somebody does it for me.
I won't get any money to buy something that I would like.
This week I learned how to multiply and do maths better and Miss Judy said you have improved very well.

Week 6

Week 7

Week 8