Persuasive Writing
Not everyone has clean and safe water. You are planning what you want people to know about this situation.
You need to have this information ready before your workshop session.

In the discussion reply to each of these questions:
  1. Are you going to make a newspaper, a comic, a magazine cover, a poster or a website page?
  2. What is the 'big idea'?
  3. What are your three supporting facts?
  4. Is there a picture or background picture? Describe it.
  5. Make a headline.
  6. What colours do you want to use?

On paper further develop the framework:

If this were comic who is talking and what are they saying? (Storyboard)
If this were a website how does it look? Draw it. (Layout)
If this were a poster how does it look? Draw it. (Layout)
If this were a newspaper, what are big letters saying? What are the small letters saying? (Layout)
If this were a magazine cover, what "story" titles are on the cover? Which are the most important? (Layout)

Finally, reflect on your project using the questions on the discussion page.

A note about pictures

Make sure that you have the right to use the photo you choose. Use these search tools to help you find a photo you like, and that is licensed to be used in a project like this.

This site lets you search by color, but not by subject:

Your responsibility, when using someone else's photo, is to give attribution (credit) to them, somewhere on the page with the photo.